Modelling Framework The base case When you are planning your 5 year budget for a VC financing, this is an intricate exercise. The rule of thumb now is that you shall not raise more money than you need. The amount you need should be either the money needed to reach […]

I was running into a woman lately originating from Nigeria which I somehow instantly liked, approached, clicked with and invited for a coffee. I think the first 30 minutes were a blast of refreshing thinking and positive energy. Untill I was showing a photo of an actor with dark color […]

This is a copy of an article found under below link with minor comments from my side. The article underlines my thinking on global networks of cities. Intro Systems of cities represent human interaction networks and their connections with the built and natural environments. Logically, the study of city […]

A small exercise into sizing of a Venture Fund. A hypothetical fund is created based on assumption of talent supply along the Gartner Hype Cycle. From there, the cash demand of the market is calculated and sanity checks on fund sizing are helping to size the P&L and AUM of the fund.

I think I was randomly looking into what kind of games are flying around and went to my favorite online game websites. The re-targeting mechanisms started kicking and a day after I was on YouTube watching tutorials when I was suggested a keynote from Nintendo CEO on the announcement of […]

How do teams form groups and groups form networks and how do networks settle in regions, ecosystems, cities and neighborhoods. And what does it mean to have 7.5 Billion humans on earth?
In the Numbers Series I am looking to find meaning in numbers. What is a million? What is a thousand? What is a billion?
Group structures and population clusters looks at group formations. Starting from how how team structures are used to build large organizations and how Dunbar’s theory of cognitive capacity to manage cohesions in group sizes, I look at some numbers in the context of population economics and group structures.