The problem Consider a company X working on a very solid product A. The network of the product A is very strong and is pitching business and go-to-market ideas to X that are non-core, call them B. Problem: while management has capability to further opportunities around B, it has no […]

In this part of the series, we go back to the books. No, not really. But a basic understanding what risk vs reward and diversification means is important. Basic portfolio theory. In fundraising, you have a set of conflicts of interests that you have to manage. In the prior articles […]

Strong opinions loosely held. That is a mantra. It claims that having strong opinions in conversations is important. But one should be open to to discuss them and be refuted and one should be willing to adopt a better view. What does that mean? Yes. In start-ups, resilience is a […]

Post-modernism was flamboyant. It was post-structuralist. It was the end of the absolute. It was moving from Emmanual Kant’s undifferentiated universalist approach to ethics to Adam Smith’s theory of moral sentiments. It was all over Lacan, Deleuze and Guattari with their Anti-Oedipus, it was Bordieu with his theory on social […]

Disclaimer: the “break” in the title is meant like in the “almost broke the internet” meme. How to break / work around the working of the legal system. Not: how to commit crimes. Disclaimer II: Every sentence in this article is to be read as if I started it with […]

It might be surprising to the avid investor, that the start-up to be invested in is not always that much (part) of a deal. Sometimes, the interests are more. Understanding the network effect of deal making A good investor with a track record of success will acknowledge the simple laws […]