Everyone that wants to be an entrepreneur needs he has to be nice. Very nice. Very nice while being good at negotiations. But there is this certain type of entrepreneurs that are so nice and charming that they get away with everything. This is a small summary of charme. 1 […]

I have my fair share of start-up experience. I worked with nice guys, I worked with narcissists, I worked with cholerics. Somehow, you get the impression, there are only two types of founders that really make it. Hardcore malicious narcissists that seem to have this charismatic aura around them but […]

1 The Robot Problems 1.1 Robot without general intelligence. Let us assume a standard robot without general intelligence. The robot can always add storage and computational power and can replicate itself and build a swarm of robots. Meaning: it can have infinite computational capability and storage. and it can do […]

Culture and business in Germany is something that one has to acquire a taste for. The mindsets and lifestyles are very different. This is a brief overview of the cultures I came across and how I see them. Cologne Culture In Cologne, everything is possible. Nothing is regarded as too […]

There are numerous way on how to build a team for a start-up that all have different pros and cons. More often than not, a founder combines several traits and adapts to the situation at hand. The Calling The calling is a grassroot movement of the start-up. A strong purpose […]

Start-Up Ecosystems a wonderful study object for the interplay of several players in a local market that furthers our understanding of the networking industry. The case of Frankfurt, due to its current state, is especially interesting. Let’s have a look. Disconnected dots In a start-up ecosystem, you have some basic […]

When dealing with securities, IPOs or any type of activity that is related with the transfer of a security, it is quite useful of having an understanding of underwriting. The absence of underwriting in Venture Capital Deals As we will find out, the process of underwriting is around pricing an […]

I am picking up on some wild theories on the global geopolitcal chessboard which caught my attention. To summarize, according to this article , a record of some general in China and articles on the matter you find on the internet (#reliablesources), there is a joint effort of Russia and […]

Just trying to get my head around what is happening and possible focus areas of action. Might be wrong, might be helpful. You judge. In any potential recession, it makes sense to first understand the source and the potential risk of the economy that is coming. It looks a bit […]