Working for institutional asset management and VC before, I know my way around data service providers such as Bloomberg, FactSet, Reuters (Eikon, Datascope), CapitalIQ, Pitchbook and Co. What these companies really miss out on is capitalizing on start-ups and young companies that just cannot afford these massive sales tickets. Why […]

Since I haven’t found any book or blog article yet that explains the unique aspects of venture capital value creation, here’s a rough edge explanation. Let’s first understand these four concepts. (1) Fair Market Valuation as practiced, (2) Steering Market Valuation, (3) optimal executable market price, and (4) Investor Interests. […]

The New CFO covers the highest financial manager in the organization as the most active and influentional insider investor into the company. Where shareholders can only decide to vote on certain matters and if they want to hold the company in question or not, the CFO is the primary stakeholder […]

We touched upon it before, but now it becomes a bit more tricky. We talk about the schizophrenic position between founders, CxO and shareholder positions. Who Negotiates? You as founders and your management team finalized your business plan and provided all necessary documents to the investor in your role as […]

Negotiating a funding round is difficult and you can easily lose the entire thing if you don’t know what you are doing. Rumor has it that you should get a good lawyer to help you. But truth is, no lawyer can do the negotiation part for you. So let’s get […]

Naively inspired by the recent show on „Billions“ and seeing the word USP dropped in the investment case of a candy manufacturer, I was asking myself: what did I miss here? My first notion on taking factor models, various risk premia and betas into consideration didn’t make any sense to […]

I have been sitting on the buyside for a while – quant/risk driven 600bn+ AUM asset management and activist PE/VC 1bn AUM – and scrutinized companies inside out on their financials, business acumen, technology stack, go-to-market strategy and all that Jazz. Now I am sitting on the other side of […]