In the first article on generic forms, I was writing from the view of the founder who wants to conquer the world. Now, how does the world actually work? Intro Rumor has it, that no matter what ecosystem you are in and where you are incubating, there is a network […]

Now we come to an interesting aspect that only business men understand and that is completely foreign to the venture capital world and the modern entrepreneur. To become a global MNO, you must be global. And that doesn’t mean opening new branch offices and expanding operations once you made it […]

The next step after understanding the entry points into establishing a business setting is to ask yourself what do you want to build first? I will discuss the following models: Platform first Capability first Product/Service first Network first There might come more later on, but this is a good first […]

Part 2 of the series. We now look at the simple problems that founders have when trying to find a viable business. The goal is clear: get a business up and running without equity financing. So what are the options? A. The dry-cleaning business Let’s start with the most interesting […]