It might be surprising to the avid investor, that the start-up to be invested in is not always that much (part) of a deal. Sometimes, the interests are more. Understanding the network effect of deal making A good investor with a track record of success will acknowledge the simple laws […]

In the „The New CFO“ series we already talked about capital allocation and operating models. That was the entry point into the discussion on how the financial and market view on the company is gearing valuations which ultimately creates access to financing to fuel growth. Something we will look into […]

Part two of „The New CFO“ series on my blog. After introducing the new CFO as the master of capital allocation or internal investor of the company into spending portfolios, we want to look at what it means to validate a segment – or to establish product market fit in […]

The New CFO covers the highest financial manager in the organization as the most active and influentional insider investor into the company. Where shareholders can only decide to vote on certain matters and if they want to hold the company in question or not, the CFO is the primary stakeholder […]

We touched upon it before, but now it becomes a bit more tricky. We talk about the schizophrenic position between founders, CxO and shareholder positions. Who Negotiates? You as founders and your management team finalized your business plan and provided all necessary documents to the investor in your role as […]