When dealing with securities, IPOs or any type of activity that is related with the transfer of a security, it is quite useful of having an understanding of underwriting. The absence of underwriting in Venture Capital Deals As we will find out, the process of underwriting is around pricing an […]

I am picking up on some wild theories on the global geopolitcal chessboard which caught my attention. To summarize, according to this article , a record of some general in China and articles on the matter you find on the internet (#reliablesources), there is a joint effort of Russia and […]

Just trying to get my head around what is happening and possible focus areas of action. Might be wrong, might be helpful. You judge. In any potential recession, it makes sense to first understand the source and the potential risk of the economy that is coming. It looks a bit […]

Technical Arbitrage Model In 2018 we started to use static analyis software to identify underperforming crypto currencies to run predictions on the technical debt and velocity speed of cryptos. The predictions were very accurate and used Embold Technologies analyser. Given the total output and the impact on code quality, architecture […]

A few thoughts about „moving quickly with building a product“ approach. All here is my personal opinion and might change over time. My understanding of market failures and issues may be wrong. I find that talking about these kind of matters is important for maturing our understanding of the venture […]

In my last article I was writing about some pitfalls in the reps and warranties. Today I want to write about some noteworthy oddities. Recitals, Representation, Guarantees Even I learn from time to time. So now I was looking into recitals of facts, opinions and intents at the beginning of […]

Working for institutional asset management and VC before, I know my way around data service providers such as Bloomberg, FactSet, Reuters (Eikon, Datascope), CapitalIQ, Pitchbook and Co. What these companies really miss out on is capitalizing on start-ups and young companies that just cannot afford these massive sales tickets. Why […]