Pre/Revenue Talent Acquisition:

Hire dumber, hire equal, hire smarter … what to consider

If you are a founder that hires only people worse than yourself, you will create a mediocre company and you will fail. Every new mediocre hire makes the company more mediocre and it makes it less likely you will ever hire anything better than mediocre.

If you are a founder that hires only people equal to you, you will end up in really meaningless competency and knowledge battles and nobody will ever really be able to set the yard stick so high that every one else follows. Your vectors will run into all directions.

If you are a founder that hires people that are all better than yourself, you are on the right track. But. . .

If you hire people better than yourself and then put yourself on top of them, you will see the worst sabotage and political behaviour you ever saw and you won’t even know what’s coming for you. So if you hire smarter people, treat them fairly, don’t boss them around unless needed for hte company, naver put your personal ego above the interests of the company or theirs, never rip them off, never piss them off, etc.

If you hire people better than yourself and then run away from dealing with them, let them run the show. But never expect to take back that control. Don’t expect that you being out there lobbying and champaigning your way around public opinion on what a hot shot you are and fail to lead your organization. If you chose not to lead, let them lead. Never expect any respect from those leaders for your external lobbying work. Be grateful that they run the show and you can chill and live a hot shot life. Be fair and treat them respectful, and don’t be greedy.

Goal getters and goal setters.

If you are surrounding yourself with people that all set their own goals and agendas and they don’t give a fuck about your agenda or that of the company, you are hiring too many goal setters. And you will miss out on those who are goal getters. It takes skill to make a goal setter a loyal follower to the company vision. If you do, perfect. But you have to convert goal setters. For every goal setter you hire that sets goals not aligned with you, any non converted goal setters, is a permanent destabilizing force that will eventually unalign everyone in the company. Especially if the return on his risk and reward choices is better than that of the other setter. or if his getters are even better off as other setters.

Givers and takers

A similar thing is with givers, matchers and takers. If you have too many takers, you are running into silos. If Silos are in place, everyone runs his own agendas. Even if everyone is just a getter, they all gonna get theirs. Not that of the company. Establish a culture of giving and collaboration that is also “wise” in the sense that all givers know where they can give and where they have to take. I have seen cultures where all “givers” where all givers of ego, not so much givers of substance. You can be a giver and still listen to supervisors and coaches. Being a giver does not only mean giving something, but giving what is needed and valuable. People that give things that are not of value are annoyers and takers of good energy.




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