Somehow they mis-taught me what organization and controlling is . . .

There is this simple framework that probably everybody knows from secondary school if not middle or primary nowadays. This framework has 4 steps and helps you to reach a goal.

  1. Planning
  2. Organization
  3. Leading
  4. Controlling

Planning somehow makes sense. Right? Leading is hard, but everybody gets the concept. At least I think the concepts that I was taught match what I know so far. But hell was I wrong on organizing and controlling.

Organizing is not only setting a time table and a simple algorithm and milestone plan. It is setting the resources even if they are not there – then you need to build your people into filling requirements or you need to find those people which is hard in itself. Organizing means advocating, evangelizing a team or venture. Getting people on board that have the skills. And makin them align on plan, commit to their roles, trust each others skills. And go ahead with high morale.

The leading part is then the inspirational part of what follows then the orgainzation has been organized together. The controlling then, so I thought, is the tracking of results. And boy, was  I wrong again. Controlling means your leadership fails and you start to move from consensus and inspiration to control. And those people and milestones you want to control might just not want to be controlled and put blame on someone else. if you control too hard, you organization might collapse. In our modern society, people and organizations are short-lived. They can vanish quickly. They can form a bit more quickly.

And reality is, that not a single goal is ever met without mastery of all those four elements and using them skillfully in the course of action. Every plan needs an organization. If the organizatio nsucks, the plan might not be met. Every plan and organiation will need leadership. This takes a lot of handholding, ego kissing, evangelizing and knowing it better in a positive way kind of work. And finally, every road iwll require you to control. Stepping down from the inspirational leadership horse and straightout beating the shit out of someone that isn’t falling in line. That is what controlling means.

Think about it. Start leading something. You will see the pattern. Why didn’t I see it earlier.

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