Fake news is a clownshow

his entire fake news debate misses the point that 100% of the news are irrelevant in the actual world we are living. Which is why it is both dangerous and ridiculous.

Talking from the German perspective. None of the traditional public media news outlet provide any relevant or actionable news. It covers completely irrelevant topics such as sports and soccer results, the weather !!!!, reactionist right-wing political debates, politicians entering shit-storms, global desasters – look at daily death statistics and wonder about the relevance of a few people trapped in a cave? -, lottery results !!! and comments on trump tweets.

What about (1) a failing/possibly-soon-to-collapse welfare system given the grand economic sceme, (2) a completely failing educational and research system, (3) global advancements in legislation, (4) industry disruptions and technological phenomenon that will change our lives, (5) the impact of nationalist party systems and their rent and externalty systems that destroy integration hopes in Europe, (6) federalism and nationalism impact on funding and sustaining innovation and technology ecosystems, (7) the fact that the heavy-tail supply chain network joint with labor regulation are standing in the way of digitalizing the economy, (8) how a long-term real wage stagnation is leading to depression in GDP growth vs. potential, (9) the impact of reactionist political movements on the comparative advantage of Europe, (10) the fact that Germany established a hub-and-spoke/core-periphery regime in Europe without any actual strategy for this position.

Yes, sports, lottery, the weather, outburst of individual prominent politicians and natural desasters and legal court rulings that make companies pay 0.05% of their annual revenue are more important. Nope. It‘s an actual clownshow.

It doesnt reveal political agenda and discourse, it doesnt cater to investors or entrepreneurs, it doesnt cater to families, singles, retired. It‘s a 50 year old programmatic clownshow that perpetuates itself. So why care about fake news if news is broken as a whole.

When is there someone to disrupt this moronic news system that – in Germany at least – we even pay for as citizens, making the German media outlet one of the two largest media outlets globally. That reports lottery scores (2 minutes in a 15 minute prime time slot!)

The debate really shouldn’t be about fake news. But about the complete lack of relevance of news altogether.

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