Loyalty: To understand that the position of someone else is better than ones own. And that to subordinate to the power and interest to that person is something worthwile. In the idea case, the person someone is loyal to is thinking about the benefit of that person, in such a way that as a minimum criterium, being loyal and maintaining that relationship outperforms disloyalty and losing that relationship and with the idea case, the loyalty be rewarded with the maximum reward one is to obtain given ones own status.

  • Key issue with loyalty in philosophy is the conflict of loyalties to contradictory views. An issue that arises when one is not sure whose world is the right world to follow and two worlds are contradictory. One has to chose one of both or merge both worlds, which requires a knowledge on a level of both poles of loyalty, one does not possess when one is loyal. It is in the return on relationship perspective a question on what is my own possibility of return if I chose one person or both person. And by chosing both persons as poles of loyalty, one believes that one has or will have the power of both.

Respect: The concept of someone possessing superior knowledge. Oneself being less experienced and overall intelligent about a domain, one ignores the natural habit of thinking one knows better than the person and challenging this person. The idea here is that one self understands itself as being less experienced and thinking that the other person knows all the aspects that guide ones mind, but due to communication and time issues, is not educating the person on the better view. Under these circumstances, one takes a retrospective view on the respected persons view and understands it as generally supreior and being richer than ones own.

  • Related to loyalty argument, but slightly different, is the rivalry of respect when one respects two contradictory figures of respect.

Trust: The concept where one holds the belief that loyalty and respect is overall warranted plus the idea that the respected and loyal person is trustworthy and not misleading oneself

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