Playbooks: The Israel Serial Entrepreneurship Framework

This is what you are seeing in the very advanced and well developed tech ecosystem in Israel. It provides a proven model for rolling out tech start-ups. And it always makes you wonder why mainland Europe funds over-focus on raising capital in their home country, binding them to network and operate locally. It just doesn’t work that well.
Playbook Style: Rinse and Repeat Exploit, Network Exploitation
Application: Niechification for Financial Return
Example application context: Israelian sereal entrepreneurs ( The “new CEOs”)
Stage 1: “Idea”, Team, Execution Model
  • Identify possible nieche segment, ideally partially validated by a competitor with bad syndicate or suboptimal execution.
  • Beat the drums and build a cream team using 3-4 former VP level corporates with industry connections and entrepreneurship experience,
  • Clearly define a runway for the next 3-6 years to exit. Select the right initial angels and VCs – give and take on almost sure return, favor for favor style
  • Always onboard one new corporate guy that gets added to the network via joining the company
Stage 2: Funding and Execution for Rockstars
  • Get the government grants and funding and onboard some academia friends to have some “hard core tech” added to the product
  • Use great and easy patent and legal incorporation stuation in Israel
  • Start building your US sales team from the first day on while still figuring out what you want to do and whom you are exactly going to sell it.
  • You know you will deliver product, you can always self-finance, and you will get a friend VC to throw cash at you, try to expand your network
    and build new relationship to sales folks, venture capital folks, connect them with your IL VCs and invite them to cool university and tech conferences
    in Israel to get the extra love from Government
  • Actually build hte product and lie about the features and techyness wherever you can, use your friends to get some logos on your client list
Stage 3: Transition, Grow, Cut ropes
  • Relocate to the US and build new headquarter there. keep engineers happy in warm Israel, build presence in the valley
  • Grow the shit out your top line and build more logo line up
  • Eventually start preparing for the best exit -> OEMs, IPO, PE Exit,Trade Sale…anyway, founders want to leave by now
  • Use the positive PR and fly back to Israel and let lawyers and senior execs from the Us continue to run your company
Stage 4: Get the hell out, rinse and repeat
  • By now you have a new boat to sail on back home
  • Get out of management completely, take a board seat at another company, enjoy life for a while and watch the company actually exit.
  • And look for a new stint.

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