20 Minutes of Wireshark

Are you running on Windows 10?
So I clean installed my computer, plugged in my promiscuous mode wireless adapter and fired up wireshark and started observing packages and DNS entries on the IP Adresses my computer wildly communicated with.
I had logged into Linked in once, watched at one WikiPedia page. And nothing was running except Wireshark and Windows. This is what I saw.
(1) LinkedIn was communicating with my computer almost in a half a minute time interval. Again: I was not logged in, all there was was a cookie set. Linkedin seemed to collaborate with: MPStat, Segment.IO and so on, Most interestingly, they communicate with Bizographics. A company that prides itself with collecting massive information about business people. Duh. Deleting the cookies NOW and after every session in the future.
(2) Microsoft seems to love to grab information from me in a 5-messages per second kind of way. I don’t know what they send. Telemetry data to their own IBM Watsom instance? They talk to a brand protection website. To numerous Microsoft services. They obviously like to talk to Akamai and CloudFlare services. And to Adzerk … Adzerk provides native application advertising and analytics. Probably measuring if I click on the apps that windows just installed on my computer till I turned off the auto-install flag in the registry. My Windows Defender seems to like to talk with a company called Comodoca. A specialist in IT Security.
(3) My MacBook, which is just plugged in for the first time since around 5 months and I didn’t even log in started sending handshake messages all over the spectrum ,telling everyone who it is – including the name of my MacBook which basically said „Bens MacBook“. Thanks Apple.
(4) I did mention that I opened a Wikipedia article? I don’t know why, but around every 8 minutes Wikipedia is communicating with my computer. Making it kind of obvious that Chrome likes to enable the initiation of communication just because a Cookie has been set. Thanks Google.
(7) When I opened Facebook, companies like BitSwitch, Imgur, Doubleclick, QuantServe, GoogleTagManager, Twitter Ads, YahooDNS, GStatic, AdTech.de, Adnxs, „a.company-target.com“ and demandbase fired up regularly.
Kind of making me wonder what is wrong with US privacy law. And why I am not going back to Linux again.


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