Bad Corporate Culture? 16 Questions.

It’s amazing what you reveal when you look your employees in a room. Lay 50 bucks on the table. Say what will be said now will be forgotten and never mentioned. And you ask for full disclosure on the following questions on a Likert scale:

BULLSHIT Questions: Do people make false claims …

01. To express personal or group capability that does not exist?
(Do people over-promise deliberately? And when?)
02. To dominate discussions against less assertive peers?
(Do they use bogus claims on own performance or peer performance?)
03. to actively and deliberately destroy the public image of a peer?
(Have you observed direct mobbing, sabotage or demolition of the public
image and recognition of a peer?)

AGGRESSION Questions: Do you observe or have you been told about …

01. mobbing via inappropriate or less-than-well-meaning statements?
02. superiors dominanting via zero-value-add directives?
03. exclusion of peers from discussions where they are most likely to
contribute valuable insights?
04. exclusion of peers from any form of company activities that they would not
be excluded from if they were someone from their team?

HR IDIOCRACY: Would you say that:

01. cultural aspects, personality considerations and drive of an indvidiual play
a key role in the sourcing and hiring of new personnel?
02. you regularly observe trans-role value-add by peers in the organization?
03. it truly requires an expert with a solid history of high-value employers and
a long-term career to perform the functions of each role? And do you think
HR manages to source these well?
04. money spent on training employees is utilized effectively?
05. people are willing to teach on their expertise when asked?


01. free-riders have no chance to survive in this company.
02. the amount of care and benefits attributed to you reflects your superior
performance against your peers?
03. Do you think that more than 70% of your own brand / value-add to the
company is visible to HR and/or your superiors?
04. How actively do you manage your visibility?
05. Do people willingly share your contributions or do you have the feeling
that your work is inciting reactionary behaviour form peers and superiors?

Try it out.

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