Managing the Project Pipeline

I. Introduction

As an IT business analyst, you task is to manage the system landscape over the long-run from a strategic perspective. This has two important aspects:

  1. It’s a landscape: It has elements that grow and age at their own speed and which together form the whole landscape on which your company is living.
  2. It’s a strategic asset that determines the capability of your company: Namely, it strategically deploys information technology to increase the efficiency and actionability of the business information system.

The force of IT as a driver of key company performance indicators is determined by the overall vision and rootedness of the company in its information processing. A company that manufactures a very simple product such as a high-in-demand engineering part will have a very limited scope of information processing and will work with lean and TQM methods to maximize the efficiency of the production chain and it may employ e-business technology to integrate its value chain partners to facilitate efficient sourcing of partners and management of the up- and downstreams.

If your company is running in a competitive mass market, however, information and efficient resource alocation become even more important and the scope of the information system will be a lot larger.

II. A standard look at the project pipeline

III. And a look at the project life cycle and runway.

IV. Strategic HR in the context

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